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10 Morning Affirmations: Create a Day Overflowing with Love, Happiness and Positive Energy

1. Today is a new day and each new day presents a fresh start.

2. Each new day offers a new beginning overflowing with possibility and opportunity.

3. Today, I greet the day with fresh eyes and new ideas.

4. Today, there is no past, there is no future; there is only this moment.

5. In this Now, I give myself permission to release toxicity from every level of my energy field.

6. Abundance flows through my day; an abundance of love, happiness and positive energy.

7. This abundance, this positive energy allows me to step into my day, into my work, into my mission, into every word and action—moment to moment.

8. I am focused, excited, energized and determined.

9. I am creative.

10. I am grateful, fully appreciating all the love in my life – the abundance.

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And got a new toy.
Went digging today.

Leshan, China